Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hi, it's me, Skye! 

Mom is finally adding to my blog. I've been asking and asking, but it's been one excuse after another: my big brother's wedding, lots of rehearsals for a Chorale concert, getting the museum ready to open for the season, and other dumb, boring people stuff. But, here I am!

I have lots to tell about, but the short version is that I had kennel cough twice, and then I got new monia. I didn't know monias got old, but I got a new one.  Now I'm all better, and back to my usual bouncy self!

I've been having fun outside since the snow melted. 

Here's a picture of me waiting for my mom to throw the bouncy ball I like to fetch with.

I like to play with the Jolly Ball, but sometimes I forget how to pick it up. 

This is how I pick up other balls. Why won't it work with this one?

Maybe my paw will help?                                            

Oh, yeah, it has that handle thing!

Phew, that was some tough brain work. I think I need a rest. Oh, it's snuggle time on the couch. Gotta go; can't miss that!

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  1. Hi Nuala and Skye! Maybe the wheaten terriers and the border collies can get together and play ball?